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EU-GMP licence positions MediCane Health as possible cannabis export hub

EU-GMP licence positions MediCane Health as possible cannabis export hub

MediCane Health's EU-GMP certification helps to bridge the pharma-cannabis gap

On the same day that CS Medica called Pfizer's recent acquisition of Arena Pharmaceuticals a "game-changer" for the CBD medical treatment industry, MediCane Health's Portuguese subsidiary MHI Cultivo Medicinal has received EU-GMP certification from Infarmed, the Portuguese National Authority for Medicines and Health products, to produce cannabis for medical and research purposes.

Armed with this certification, MediCane can now manufacture export cannabis-based preparations, extracts and substances for medical and research use in permitted jurisdictions throughout the EU, placing it in a strong position to become a cannabis export hub to Europe.

The company now ranks as one of an estimated two dozen approved cannabis manufacturers in the world; it has also become the third cannabis company in Portugal to be granted EU-GMP certification.

Yoav Nir, MediCane Agro CEO said in a statement, the company's achievement is helping to "bridge the gap between pharma and cannabis".

Not only does the company manufacture its own organic cultivation sourced from its Portuguese greenhouse, MediCane is also partnering with other industry players from the EU, North America and Israel to provide them with contract manufacturing services and convert their cultivated cannabis into EU-GMP products.

The company also boasts a growing network of distribution and pharma partners in Germany, Portugal, Spain, Poland, and Australia helping it to boost and maintain reliable supply.

According to Vera Broder, CEO of MHI Cultivo Medicinal, the company has been recognised as a "Project of National Interest" by the Portuguese government.

The company says it now plans to export its first EU-GMP products to European customers during the second quarter of 2022.